6 Steps To Create Viral Content: All You Should Know

Every day you wake up and open Instagram or Facebook there is some video, picture, or meme that has gone viral and has taken the internet to storm. Anything relatable to people tends to get viral more quickly. Be it any funny video, scandal, or meme that has any famous celebrity in it, it will be viral in no second. But if you are a content creator you need to follow some strategies that can make content creation effective. 

Content marketing is a vast field, you need to be educated regarding the field you are working in so that you can easily adhere to the dos and don’ts of content marketing. You need to make sure that your content is reaching a wider audience and is helping in growing business. Any marketing team would want to create a piece of content that is not only shared by hundreds and thousands of people online. Any video created should get a million views and has a thousand saves.

Let’s dive into the steps and make the most of content so that it can benefit both you as a content creator and the business you are working for. 

  •  Create Content That Evokes Emotion 

Emotions are the number one factor to make the content viral. Anything that triggers sentiments is likely to be shared with friends and family. Around 100 million posts were analyzed by BuzzSumo and the result was shocking. People who shared content had these elements; they were funny, people thought they will look smart for sharing such content, had infographics, and sourced through trusted sites.  

Furthermore, content that has negative emotions and narcissistic values is likely to be shared more. Hence, content that makes these emotions evoke whether awe or anger gets viral. Any strong element of shock will increase its potential to get viral. 

  • Target Recent Trends And Events

When you look for anything trending on the internet it shows a number of articles and blogs that matches your search. This is because people have written content that is trending among a vast population. It is found that people tap the videos, blogs, articles, and pictures that have trending material in them. Instead of creating boring and less eye-catching content go for something that people will instantly tap as soon it comes on their feed.

To add, it is easy to make content viral that has the latest news, gossip, and tea that people are interested in watching and reading. 

  • Keep It Brief And Clear

Content that gives a clear message and has no riddles for viewers to solve gets viral quickly. If you are making video content then make a 30 secs video because people like to watch short videos instead of long 1 2 minutes videos. Meanwhile, written content gets shared when it is easy to read and brief. Just refer kombucha girl meme, to understand this concept. Also, written content should have attractive visuals and graphics. Anything that has colorful elements attached to them is eye-catching. 

  • Make Authentic Content

People are interested in genuine content, fake and scams are two things that make people less interested. Always create content that is original in nature and states facts. You do not have to add material in your content that is baseless and has no existence in reality. What most people do is use attractive thumbnails to grab the viewers’ attention. Most of the time these are fake and are added only to get the view. This is where people lose their interest.

Furthermore, if you have any news to share or have any information, make sure you have run research on it and have all credible information. The more relevant and original content will have a high reach and make people share with others, nobody would share fake and unauthentic content. 

Most importantly, publishing authentic content is really necessary because many online platforms reject articles and pages that have fake information such as Wikipedia. If you get a chance to create a Wikipedia profile you will get to know how essential it is to do research before posting anything online. 

  • Enable Interaction 

People love to tag and comment on posts, make sure you have enabled the option of tagging, sharing, and commenting. As soon they see content that evokes their awe and anger senses, they hit the share button. If not share, they will want to leave a comment or tag their friends or family. 

  • Publish On The Right Time 

There is some algorithm for different platforms that are needed to be followed by the content creators. One of them is publishing during peak hours when most of the users are active. If you want your content to be engaging then make sure to post at the right hour of the day. 

Furthermore, posting on weekend have served well to most creators since people are free on weekend and all they do is scroll on platforms. 


So, these were 6 steps to consider when creating content to make viral. 

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