A Guide On Pigment Removal And Rejuran Healer In Singapore

Do you struggle with lingering pigmentation on your skin? Several therapies were tried with no success. Then you are not alone. An annoying skin issue, pigmentation may age you and make your skin appear less radiant than it should. However, there are techniques to combat it, which is excellent news! To assist you in figuring out which ones could be the most suitable for your needs, we’ll discuss the tried-and-true, best pigment removal procedures in this blog article.

Additionally, we’ll provide some valuable pointers on safeguarding your newly-balanced pigment levels for lasting effects and taking care of any pigmentation issues before they negatively impact your shine. With our help and suggestions, you can soon have the flawlessly even skin you’ve always wanted.

What Leads To Skin Pigmentation?

When our skin’s cells create too much melanin, a pigment, skin pigmentation results. Hyperpigmentation, a term for discolouration, can be noticed on the face and body. Skin pigmentation can be brought on by various things, including genetic and racial characteristics, using skin care products that aren’t right for your skin type, utilising drugs or medications, stress and hormone imbalances, or a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin. Exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays is, of course, one of the leading causes of the development of skin pigmentation.

The two types of pigmentation are passive pigmentation, brought on by environmental causes like UV damage, and inflammatory pigmentation, which develops when the skin microbiome is out of balance. To find a good treatment for pigmented skin, it is crucial to identify what caused your pigmentation in either case.

The Main Benefits Of Treatment For Pigmentation

Here are a few advantages of pigment removal.

  • The procedure gives skin a luminous radiance.
  • In addition to smoothing out your skin, it also shrinks pores.
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin dramatically improves as a result.
  • It helps with melasma treatment, acne management, and acne scar prevention.
  • The process is both risk-free and economical.
  • You can recover rapidly, and it is a safe and comfortable procedure.
  • Cosmetic treatments for pigmentation are available for both minor and big-pigmented regions.
  • By preventing the creation of scars, modern techniques assist in increasing collagen production.

Rejuran Healer In Singapore

The desire for cosmetic procedures that can do several tasks in Singapore is growing daily. It is now the quickest way to have the skin of your dreams, whether you want to brighten dull skin or reverse the effects of ageing. Rejuran Healer is one of several innovative therapies becoming popular due to technological improvement. What is a Rejuran Healer, then?

Rejuran Healer Treatment: What Is It?

Rejuran healer in Singapore is a well-known cosmetic procedure that originated in Korea that involves injecting tiny amounts of DNA fragments (polynucleotides) beneath the skin. Doctors will only inject the pieces compatible with your skin; they are all harmless. The Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has also given it the go-ahead for face treatments. The Rejuran Healer Treatment can restore youth and cure the signs of ageing and is frequently used in combination with other topical treatments.

What Are The Advantages Of A Rejuran Healer?

Rejuran healer in Singapore can restore collagen and new tissue, which is one of its key advantages. Creating a specific sugar known as glycosaminoglycans, which maintains skin moisture, may also cause a rise. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the therapy hastens healing and lessens scarring. Anti-ageing benefits of Rejuran Healer have been demonstrated as well!

The key features of Rejuran Healer are listed below:

  • Via activating receptors, it rejuvenates skin cells.
  • Improve the speed of the skin’s natural healing process.
  • collagen synthesis and skin injury repair
  • Boost the quantity and thickness of your hair
  • increases the degree of hydration
  • reduces sagging, dark circles, and wrinkles
  • balances the pigmentation

These are a few of the treatment’s more widespread advantages, but depending on your skin, its efficacy might vary considerably. Rejuran Healer uses microinjections of chemicals most compatible with our bodies to promote cell development and return our skin to its natural smoothness and suppleness. The molecules’ ability to be absorbed relies on how capable of healing your skin is!

How Is Rejuran Healer Therapy Performed?

Under the scar in the dermis layer, Rejuran is injected. If you have deeper and more fibrotic scars, the doctor will dissect the fibrous tissues before injecting Rejuran into the scar’s foundation. An injection is used during the procedure to deliver Rejuran directly to your skin.

The freehand manual serial injection method, which is sometimes known as this, is recognised as the gold standard for administering skin boosters and other comparable skin treatments. Put another way, the manual approach should be the sole way Rejuran Healer is injected since it will maximise absorption and minimise the risk of bruising.

Does This Treatment Have Any Side Effects?

No, in most circumstances! Returns are typically safe and seldom result in serious adverse effects. The most frequent adverse effects are often those caused by injections, such as redness, discomfort, itching, swelling, or bruising. They usually go away within a few days and are minor.

Do Rejuran Healer Treatments Hurt?

Rejuran healer in Singapore is not painful generally, although it depends. Most of those who have received the therapy say it is manageable, particularly after using the numbing cream.

What Is The Price Of A Rejuran Healer In Singapore?

Each clinic has a different fee. Each session costs between $600-$1,400, though.

How Often Should You Get Rejuran?

For acne-prone people, we generally advise three to four treatments spaced out over a month. However, just one treatment session may be enough for minor acne scars. However, you should ask your doctor for a precise response because various skin types require different treatments.


Every patient who enters our clinic is special and has a legitimate possibility of sharing a personal narrative on their face. Our individualised aesthetic treatments may help you appear your best by creating beauty from the inside out, thanks to our enthusiastic and committed team and scientifically validated medical technologies.

Always make a conscious effort to look beautiful. Take the initial step with us; we’d love to have you.

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