A trip to Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai

If you’ve been to Dubai before, you probably know that the city’s tourism industry is varied and impressive. While you might be tempted to go straight to the Burj Khalifa, there is so much more to see and do in Dubai than simply admire its skyscraper. Visit the Dubai Museum and Aquarium, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Zoo. Then, take some time to relax at one of the many beach resorts.

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest freestanding tower is situated in the heart of Dubai. A trip to the Burj Khalifa will allow you to take in the incredible views of Dubai and its surroundings. At 828 meters high, this skyscraper is a must-see when in Dubai. You can even take the world’s fastest elevator to get to the 125th floor observation deck. You can find great deals on tickets to the Burj Khalifa by using the GetYourGuide website.

Dubai Museum

When you are in Dubai, don’t miss the Dubai Museum. The main exhibit is located underground and is accessed via a spiral ramp. It features a video and timeline that detail the city’s growth and development since the 1960s. There’s also a market wing, where life-sized dioramas of old Dubai merchants are displayed. Other galleries show life in the desert and at sea, and include an exhibit on pearl-diving. The exhibits are enhanced with audio tracks and video installations.

Dubai Aquarium

If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you should definitely take the time to visit the Dubai Aquarium. This fascinating aquarium features a unique tunnel that stretches 48 meters under water. You can walk through the tunnel and see what lives below. You can also take the shark trainer experience, which is perfect for kids! It’s the ultimate family activity, and you’ll learn a lot about the animal life that calls Dubai Aquarium home.

Dubai Mall

A trip to Dubai Mall is not complete without a visit to the aquarium. The aquarium is located in the Dubai Mall and can be visited either inside or outside the building. The aquarium has a number of activities and exhibits. You can view the aquarium for free from the outside but will have to pay 80 AED to enter. However, some of the activities cost more than the admission fee. Also, the aquarium is quite crowded during peak season, so you may want to consider visiting in the daytime.

Visiting local emirates

Visiting the local emirates is an excellent way to explore the culture of this cosmopolitan city. Although UAE is a liberal society, visitors must still respect the UAE’s cultural traditions. Do not make any inappropriate gestures or statements, and avoid touching local people without their permission. Also, dress modestly. While you may have seen plenty of tourists wearing revealing tops and skirts, you can risk getting unwanted attention if you don’t make the proper gestures.

Getting to Dubai by metro

There are several ways to get around Dubai. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the metro system, you should use a journey planner. These tools will help you find the fastest routes between two Metro stations. They will also show you which stations require the least number of changes, which is convenient when you’re in the middle of shopping or sightseeing. You can also use these tools to find out how long a trip will take and how many stations you’ll need to get to your destination.

Cost of a trip to Dubai

Flights to Dubai can be expensive. A three or four-star hotel costs 275 AED (71 EUR) per night. However, vacation rentals in Dubai are often cheaper. They can run as low as 69 EUR per night, and you can stay in a three-star apartment for the same price. Luxury hotels in Dubai can run as high as 9,021 AED (2328 EUR) per night. To find out what to expect, read this article.

Dressing modestly

When going on holiday in a Muslim country, you should always dress modestly. Most establishments ask their customers to dress modestly, which means covering shoulders and knees. This does not mean you can wear a tank top or shorts, and you may want to consider buying a dress if you plan to go to mosques. Dressing modestly in Dubai is a cultural norm. Dress code is strictly enforced during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

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