Anal Fissures’ Root Causes

The term “anal fissure skin tag” describes a disorder in which the lining of the anus or the anal canal tears. Another aspect of it is the skin development around the anus. Anal skin tags and fissures are both uncomfortable and painful conditions to have.

Causes of anal fissures:

Anal fissures are typically caused by trauma of any kind to the anus or anal canal. There are numerous potential causes for this trauma, some of which include:

  • Chronic constipation problems. The anal canal is damaged by improper bowel movement.
  • We frequently exert a lot of effort just to pass the stool. Straining might result in anal fissures or skin tags if the stool is dry and firm.
  • Anal fissures may also be brought on by prolonged diarrhea.
  • Anal stretching or anal sex is another explanation that might exist.
  • Another cause of trauma and consequently of anal fissures is the insertion of any foreign objects into the anus.

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