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How to Find a Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

Finding a Charleston car accident attorney can be challenging. After all, a car accident lawyer has many things to consider. Here are some of the most common types of collisions: Rear-end crashes (more than 40 percent of collisions), Pedestrian accidents, Distracted driving, and Rear-end crashes. However, there are many ways to get compensation for your injuries, and the Hopkins Law Firm can help you in these areas.

Rear-end collisions make up more than 40% of collisions

Rear-end collisions are often the result of a driver’s irresponsible actions. This is particularly dangerous when a driver is trying to turn onto a two-lane highway without yielding to oncoming traffic. It can also occur when a driver is aggressive. These types of accidents usually occur in city areas. If you are involved in a rear-end collision, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the other party.

In a rear-end crash, the most common injury is whiplash. The neck and head are jerked back in a violent manner, causing excruciating pain and damaging spinal cords. Other common injuries sustained in rear-end collisions include back injuries. Concussion and brain injuries are other possible outcomes. Broken bones are also possible, especially if the impact is forceful enough.

Pedestrian accidents

Charleston is a beautiful city with charming streets, but it’s also a dangerous place for pedestrians. Pedestrian fatalities have risen in South Carolina over the last five years and the number of pedestrian injuries increased by 6.3% last year. Drivers must exercise due care to avoid collisions and use the turn signal 100 feet before the turn in order to stop in time. Drivers are also required to use their turn signals when approaching an intersection.

According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, there were 146 pedestrian accidents in Charleston in 2017, resulting in the death of six people and injuring more than 160. Children and seniors are most at risk of suffering from serious injuries in pedestrian accidents, which is why it’s important to wear reflective clothing. Driver behavior can also contribute to these tragedies. Reckless driving and failure to look are two common causes. Drivers also often fail to check their blind spots when they approach a pedestrian.

Distracted driving accidents

A study conducted by the Insurify website identified the cities that had the highest number of accidents. Of these, seven were in South Carolina, and one of them was the city of Johns Island, which ranked number one. The city has an accident rate 40% higher than the national average, and 21.6% of drivers were involved in an accident at some point in their driving history. For more information about accidents caused by distracted driving, click here.

Aside from being more likely to cause an accident, distracted driving can also cause drivers to ignore traffic signals and stop signs, run off the road, or fail to yield the right of way. These drivers can cause devastating collisions, so it’s essential that they get help from a Charleston distracted driving lawyer. These attorneys will know how to gather the evidence needed to bring a distracted driver to justice. This will allow them to build a compelling case for compensation.


Whether a pedestrian was the cause of the collision is another issue. In many cases, pedestrians who are injured by a negligent driver can obtain additional compensation. This can be done by suing the driver’s insurance company for damages exceeding the amount of the policy’s benefits. Pedestrians can also pursue lawsuits to recover medical expenses, which may exceed the value of the policy. These lawsuits are often successful if the pedestrian sustains serious injuries.

Pedestrians are prone to vehicle strikes for various reasons. Although they are most likely to be struck outside of a crosswalk, pedestrians can also be struck while crossing an undesignated street, especially if the driver is distracted and does not notice the pedestrian. Another high risk area for pedestrian accidents is parking lots. Drivers may not see a pedestrian until they are backing up and hit them while they are standing on a sidewalk.

Intoxicated drivers

Intoxicated drivers are often the cause of car accidents and face harsh consequences. While it is illegal to drive while intoxicated, many still get behind the wheel. Drunk driving carries harsh penalties, including jail time and a judgment award. The county where the accident occurred will press criminal charges, but you have to file your own personal injury claim if you’re a victim. A Charleston DUI accident lawyer can help you fight this case to protect your rights and finances.

It can be hard to determine if a drunk driver is at fault for the accident. Luckily, there are lawyers who specialize in drunk driving cases. While a drunk driver car accident may seem similar to a normal auto accident, juries will often place more blame on the impaired driver. A DUI attorney can remind the insurance company of the jury’s perception of fault and increase your chances of receiving a favorable settlement.

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