Best Successful Crypto Trading Idea by Experts

If you’re a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency trading, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many different coins that you might not even know which ones are worth investing in! That’s why I’ve created this list of guidelines for beginners:

Identify your trading style

Your trading style is the way in which you trade. It’s how you put together your trades and what tools are used to make them. For example, if a trader uses technical analysis while another uses fundamental analysis, they have different styles of trading.

Your trading style can be divided into three categories:

  • Fundamental-based (such as supply/demand)
  • Technical (such as support and resistance levels)
  • Market environment-related

Set a limit

  • Set a limit.
  • Set a limit to how much you are willing to lose. If you’re going to invest in crypto, set your maximum loss at $100 per day or less (e.g., $100/day). This is not only important from an emotional standpoint—it also helps keep your losses from eating away at your bankrolls over time and ultimately causing some serious problems down the road when trading becomes more difficult or expensive due to market trends changing unexpectedly or because of news events that could impact prices dramatically. In addition, if there is an event like Mt Gox’s collapse where people lost all their money because they weren’t expecting it…well…you get the idea!
  • Set a limit on how much risk/investment capital you’re willing/able to take on each day/week/month etc., then stick with it unless there’s good reason not too; otherwise risk management becomes impossible without constantly monitoring things 24 hours per day seven days per week through multiple monitors or apps running simultaneously so that nothing slips past unnoticed by one person alone during those times when everyone else would be asleep anyway (which isn’t often enough).

Follow the crowd

One of the most important parts of trading is following the crowd. This can be a bit tricky because it requires you to make decisions based on what other people are doing, rather than what you think is best for your own portfolio. But if you want to succeed as an investor, there’s no better way than by imitating those who have already been successful at crypto trading.

The first step in following the crowd is understanding why they made their moves and then copying them (or not). If someone takes profits early on in an upward trend, that means they did something right! If someone buys low and sells high later on downslope, then chances are good that person was correct about where things were headed after all—and maybe even managed his/her risk properly too!

The next thing we need from ourselves as investors is humility: We should always remember that our opinions may well be wrong but hopefully at least partially informed ones; we should accept that sometimes markets will go against us; and finally we must never forget how much money might be lost if somehow everything goes horribly wrong.


Always be in control

  • Don’t let emotions get in the way of your trading.
  • Don’t let others influence you.

Never be greedy

While it’s tempting to jump in and trade with the market, you’ll have a better chance of success if you wait until markets are more calm before making your moves. It’s also important to remember that even if the price of a cryptocurrency goes up, there may still be room for losses as well as gains on any given day. A trader who waits until they’re sure they know what they’re doing will have more success than someone who tries to predict prices based on their own feelings or intuition alone (which could lead them into buying high).

Don’t ever leave money on an exchange

Leaving money on an exchange is one of the most common mistakes people make when trading cryptocurrency exchange. In fact, it’s so common that many exchanges have become known for their hackability and security issues.

When you leave your funds on an exchange, the risk of theft becomes enormous—and not just in the form of hackers or scams (though those are risks too). The truth is that if your crypto gets stolen through hacking or fraud, there will be no way for you to recover what was lost; in fact, there may even be nothing left at all!

Trade with a stop loss at a specific price, or better yet 10% below it

If you hit your stop loss and then the price goes up again and you keep going, then you’re wrong, so change it and move there instead. (Also make sure that you don’t let yourself get too far away from it.) A stop loss is a price at which you are willing to sell your position. It’s something that you’re aiming for, but won’t let yourself get too far away from.

You can use this tool as a sort of safety net in case things don’t go as planned: If the price drops below your stop and begins moving back up again, then it’s time for action! You’ll want to sell your coins before they rise even higher than the original value, or else risk losing all those profits by over-trading.

If everyone else is going long and you’re going short, they’re probably right

Oops! Click Regenerate Content below to try generating this section again. This will allow you to get into trades when the market is oversaturated with new buyers, which can sometimes cause panic selling, leading to big swing moves. By looking at where the market is headed, you can determine if it’s a good time to go long or short.


The best thing about trading crypto is that there are no rules. The market will move for its own reasons, and you need to be ready for this. As we’ve seen in this article, there are many different strategies out there, but the most important thing is knowing yourself and what your style is so you can make the best decisions possible.

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