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Care Bronze Vs Care Chrome From Daman Insurance

If you are planning to buy a medical insurance in Dubai, you can choose between the Care Bronze Plan and the Care Chrome Plan. Each plan has its own benefits and disadvantages. Here is a comparison of both plans. Care Bronze is the cheapest plan. Its benefits include 24-hour access to medical authorizations and local customer support. It boasts over 10,000 membership cards sold every day. However, there are other benefits that are worth considering.

Care Bronze Plan

There are several benefits of choosing the Care Bronze Plan from Daman Insurance Dubai. These plans are affordable and offer extensive coverage for a wide range of medical services. All plans include emergency and maternity care, as well as outpatient services. Daman plans start at AED 800 per year, and there are various tiers available to meet the needs of different clients. These plans also offer a range of benefits and services to meet the needs of business owners.

The Care Bronze Plan, for example, covers emergency and major medical expenses worldwide. The total premium for this plan is AED 469. Expenses are covered up to AED 150,000 for emergencies, but not elective care. You can get this plan through the Daman Insurance Dubai portal. The annual aggregate limit is AED 160,000 for all covered services. It offers 80% coverage of in and outpatient services in the UAE, including emergency care. The Care Essential Plan also covers maternity and emergency services. The plan also covers a limit of AED 1500 for medicines. There is a 30% coinsurance for the medicines.

The Care Bronze Plan also has a regional limit of AED 160,00. This plan offers a range of health insurance benefits and is managed by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. It also offers the Thiqa Plan, which is an insurance scheme for Emirati and UAE citizens. The Thiqa program is also managed by Daman, and members of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can enroll in it. There are various plans from Daman to meet the needs of every client.

The ADNIC health insurance company in Abu Dhabi offers two health insurance plans: HALA and SHIFA. The HALA policy covers medical expenses in the UAE, while the SHIFA plan covers those outside the UAE. Visitors can also opt for the Standard Plan, which is available for individuals and families. AXA Gulf is a company that offers a variety of medical insurance plans and services tailored to the needs of business owners.

Care Chrome Plan

With the Care Chrome Plan from Daman Insurance, you can enjoy the full benefits of health insurance in the UAE. The plan offers comprehensive benefits, the largest network of over 2,000 hospitals in the country, and optional worldwide coverage. You can choose from six different premium plans and even customize your plan by choosing from the many available benefit modules and optional worldwide coverage. You can compare and contrast each plan by its features to find one that suits your needs.

Care Insurance Plan comes in five tiers, each offering a different level of coverage. The Care Chrome plan includes in and out-patient services, dental coverage, maternity coverage, and alternative chiropractic care. The Care Bronze plan is also available. It also covers dental care, and has an annual limit of Dh250,000. Care Bronze adds international medical emergency coverage, dental coverage, and maternity services. There are also regional plans available for those who prefer a more affordable health care plan.

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