Who is the Most Dangerous Bowler in IPL 2023 – Top 5

IPL also known as the Indian Premium league is the toughest T-2o league in the entire world where cricketers from all parts of the world come and play to create a brilliant tournament that can be enjoyed by every cricket fan without worrying about the loyalties to their country. There are a number of batsmen that can be considered very dangerous in the league however, there are very few bowlers that can be considered the most dangerous bowler in IPL

Here in the article, we are going to talk about the most dangerous bowlers of IPL that batsmen are afraid of facing. These stats have been created after keeping in mind all 14 seasons of this awesome league. 

Most Dangerous Bowlers in IPL that Batsmen Avoid

  • Lasith Malinga 

This Sri Lankan Bowler can definitely be considered the most dangerous bowler in ipl history as the bowler is still one of the leading wicket-takers in the history of IPL despite not playing for the last two seasons. Maybe in the upcoming seasons, the other bowlers will step up and remove Malinga from his top spot however, till now there is nothing wrong in considering this bowler with a distinctive slinging action as the most feared bowler in IPL history. 

  • Rashid Khan 

The only spinner in this list, Rashid Khan definitely deserves to be in the list of the most dangerous bowlers in the history of IPL because of his exceptional spinning skills. After Shane Warne, Rashid Khan is the only spinner that has created a spot for him in this list as he has wonderful controls and variations that have troubled batsmen. Being a part of Sunrises Hyderabad for most of his IPL career, Rashid Khan has led the team to victory most of the time by himself. 

  • Dwayne Bravo 

There are many people who often forget about this West Indian bowler maybe because his battling skills have helped his team most of his career however, the bowling Stats of Dwayne Bravo show that he is also a very spectacular bowler who deserves a spot in the list of ipl dangerous bowler. The bowler is one of the few bowlers who have bagged the purple cap twice in his career, one in 2015 and the other in 2013 where he has bagged 32 wickets, the most taken by any bowler in one single IPL season. 

  • Jasprit Bumrah 

This guy does not need an introduction as Jasprit Bumrah is not only one of the most deadly bowlers in the IPL history however, he can also be considered the backbone of the Indian bowling unit. Considered to be the successor of Lasith Malinga for Mumbai Indians, Bumrah is also able to shock batsmen with his unique bowling action and an accuracy that cannot be read by many batsmen. The bowler is responsible in raising the standards of the bowling attack of Mumbai Indians in IPL. 

Apart from these bowlers, Andre Russell is another name that has evoked fear in batsmen and has managed to create a name for himself in IPL. 

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