Dubai travel package from India

3 Things You Must Know Before Booking a Dubai Travel Package From India

If you’re planning a vacation, a Dubai travel package from India is the perfect way to experience this exciting and exotic city. The city is a one-stop destination for your shopping, fashion, and food needs. You can even take up an adventure sport such as sky diving or go banana boating! There is something for everyone, no matter what you’re into! Read on to learn more about this amazing destination!

Dubai is a desert city

If you are planning a vacation to Dubai, you should know when is the best time to visit. Summer months can be extremely hot in Dubai. Winter months are much cooler, and can be the perfect time for water-sports and other outdoor activities. Summer months in Dubai can be a bit pricey, however, as airfare and hotel rates are generally higher than during off-season months.

It’s a one-stop destination for all your needs of food, fashion, and entertainment

While visiting India, you should be aware of the bureaucratic blockers. They can annoy you and make things much more difficult. Even simple tasks can turn into a long process of paper pushing and wasted time. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to avoid these annoyances. Here are three. Read them and you’ll have a much easier time in India!

It’s a great place for adventure sports

If you’re a fan of adventure sports, you’ll love Dubai. This thriving destination offers all the thrills and spills you could ask for. In fact, Dubai offers almost every sport imaginable, all year long. With a coastline that spans over 50 km, this desert city is a mecca for adrenaline junkies. A travel package to Dubai will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect adventure sport for you.

It’s a great place to shop

The markets of Dubai are filled with colorful textiles and exotic fabrics. The streets are always lit, and you can find a variety of tailoring shops and jewellery stores here. There’s something for everyone at these markets, so you can even have your fabric tailor-made here. But beware of the fake goods! If you’re looking to buy a beautiful, expensive piece of jewelry, don’t bother shopping here!

It’s a great place to visit

Gokarna is another coastal town in southern Karnataka that’s more laid back than Goa, with endless golden sand beaches. A must-visit for beach lovers, Gokarna also offers treks between the beaches and spectacular views from cliffs. While there’s not much to do in the city, you can get a taste of local culture by visiting the Government Rose Garden and the Jaipur Literature Festival.

It’s an all inclusive package

If you are thinking of travelling to Dubai and you have been wondering how to get there from India, then you’ve come to the right place. The city is filled with beautiful skyscrapers and golden sands. You’ll find plenty to keep you occupied while you’re there, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Here’s a brief guide on how to go about it.

It’s affordable

If you want to visit this modern, ultra-modern city on the Persian Gulf coast, you can make the trip on a budget by booking your flight early. It costs approximately $140 USD for return airfare and about Rs. 6,000 for a tourist visa. It is possible to fly to Dubai for under Rs. 10,000, and a return ticket costs less than Es 20,000. The prices may vary depending on departure city and time of year.

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