Georgia tour package from Dubai

A Georgia Tour Package From Dubai

A Beautiful Georgia Tour Package from Dubai can take you to this emerging tourist destination. This country is filled with stunning scenery, rustic vineyards, and mesmerizing landscapes. Ottlah Holidays offers this tour package to help you make the most of your time in Georgia. Read on to discover some of the highlights of this trip. You can also read about the Weather in Georgia and When is the Best Time to Visit.

Highlights of a Georgia tour package from Dubai

A Georgia tour package offers a taste of this enchanting country. A holiday to Georgia will introduce you to a heady mixture of architectural heritage, modern art, and high-spirited locals. The beautiful and charming country is located in Transcaucasia, at the eastern end of the Black Sea on the southern flanks of the main crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Its unique geographical location has produced a striking variety of landscapes. Travelers will love the fact that they will see both a cosmopolitan city and a pristine natural setting.

After an early morning flight from Dubai, visit the Open Air Museum of Georgian Folk Architecture, where you will see seventy-five buildings and thousands of pieces of craftwork. This tour package also includes a private city tour and breakfast. Once you’ve seen the Open Air Museum, you’ll have the chance to take a leisurely drive to one of the many villages and towns in the region.

Attractions to visit in Tbilisi

When you book a Georgia tour package from Dubai, you’ll get to see some of the capital city’s best attractions. The city is home to a unique fortress, the Narikala Fortress. This ancient fortress once served as the capital’s royal gardens. Today, visitors to the Narikala Fortress and Botanical Gardens can spend a lazy afternoon strolling through the gardens. Make sure to wear good walking shoes and bring a water bottle to the park.

You should also take in the historic part of Tbilisi. This 8-floor building is situated on a promontory and boasts stunning views of the Caspian Sea. It has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is easily accessible. The Maiden Tower was damaged by various battles over the years but was eventually restored. While you’re in Tbilisi, be sure to visit the Mother of Georgia statue, which stands over the city like a guardian. Its tall height makes it a stunning sight to see and is a popular tourist destination.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Georgia on a tour package to Dubai is in spring, when the weather is pleasant, but a little humid. The best places to visit in spring are Tbilisi, Batumi, and Ananuri. If you’re planning a family trip, book tickets for all of you now! The weather in Georgia in winter is very mild, but it can still get chilly.

The best time to visit Georgia on a tour package to Dubai is mid-May to mid-June. Although this period can be wet and rainy in some places, temperatures are still comfortable for outdoor activities. Spring is also the best time to explore the beautiful botanical garden, which is located in Tbilisi, or go hiking and viewing wildflowers. You can even go skiing if you wish!

Weather in Georgia

Travelers should be prepared for a range of weather conditions in Georgia. It is not uncommon for the temperature to fluctuate from eighteen to thirty-two degrees Celsius in summer and ten degrees to twenty-five degrees Celsius in winter. A Dubai tour package offers greater exposure to Georgia’s climate, particularly in the mountains. It is best to plan your Georgia tour around the time of year when temperatures are moderate.

The weather in Georgia is ideal for a family vacation. Summers in Georgia are hot and humid, reaching thirty-seven degrees on some days. Sea temperatures can reach twenty-four degrees in the summer. Clear skies are a welcome sight, especially when you’re enjoying a scenic view from the seaside. In the winter, the temperatures are mild but snow can fall on mountaintops in the mountains.

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