Georgia Trip From Dubai

Georgia Trip From Dubai

When is the best time to go on a Georgia trip from Dubai? The weather in Georgia is generally hot but not too hot compared to the UAE, and the peaches and watermelons are in season, so you can stop at local farms to sample the delicious fruits of the region. Autumn and winter are cooler, but still relatively pleasant for travel to the country. The exception to this rule is Tiblisi, where snow and sleet can be expected in the winter.

Day 1

Day one of your Georgia trip from Dubai begins with a flight to Tbilisi. You can explore the beautiful capital city and its medieval setting, including cobblestone streets and traditional houses. If you prefer a more secluded experience, you can opt for a more challenging trip and apply for a Schengen tourist visa. Day two of your Georgia trip from Dubai begins with a visit to Kazbegi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the heart of the country.

Day 2

On Day 2 of your Georgia trip from Dubai, you’ll have the opportunity to visit two capitals, Tbilisi and Mtskheta. Visit the European manner of Tbilisi, and the medieval scenery of Mtskheta. Spend the afternoon shopping or taking a leisurely walk through the historic center. Afterwards, transfer to the airport for your flight home. Make sure to check your valuables in a safe place before leaving.

Day 3

You can easily spend your second full day exploring Georgia. This country’s quaint and compact layout makes it easy to travel around and visit many of the country’s attractions. However, this country does offer a number of activities that you may not be able to complete during the shorter time you have available. If you are not sure what to do on Day 3 of Georgia trip from Dubai, you can plan a day trip to one of the city’s most famous attractions, the Trinity Church.

Day 4

On Day 4 of your Georgia trip from Dubai, you’ll head to the capital city of Tbilisi. Here, you’ll visit the Alphabet Tower, a 135-metre structure shaped like DNA. Then, take the Argo cable car to see stunning views of the city. There’s also the astronomical clock in the center of town, a summer theater, and quirky statues all throughout the old town.

Day 5

When visiting Georgia, make sure to check out the ancient rock complex of Uplistsikhe. It is also home to the Stalin Museum, Jvari Monastery, and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. These sites are perfect for day trips from Tbilisi. For a more leisurely trip, you can also head to Tbilisi’s modern section, including the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre, the National Museum, and various museums.

Day 6

In day six of your Georgia trip from Dubai, spend the day exploring the capital city, Tbilisi. This ancient city is a must-see when you are in Georgia, so consider taking a tour to this country. Fortunately, the country is small enough to make it easy to visit. You can also spend the day shopping. Then, in the evening, transfer to the airport to catch your flight home.

Day 7

After a breakfast at the hotel, enjoy your final day at leisure or shop until your transfer to the Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport. Your flight home will be in the evening. During your stay in Georgia, you should try the local cuisine, which includes khinkali, a dumpling filled with cheese or meat. Alternatively, you can try khachapuri, a type of Georgian pizza. Unlike most restaurants in the UAE, Georgian food is fresh and delicious.

Day 8

The day starts with breakfast and the rest of the day is free for leisure and shopping. In the evening, the group will be transferred to the airport for the flight home. This itinerary combines the best of the country. During this tour, you’ll get to know the Georgian culture and history. After a full day of sightseeing, you’ll be ready to say goodbye to this fascinating country and its people. During your Georgia trip, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious local cuisine at a traditional Georgian restaurant.

Day 9

For your final day in Georgia, take a tour of the city. The Old Town is a beautiful area for walking, or you could take a cable car up to Mother Georgia. Or, hike up the Trinity Church, which has a distinctive black sand. The sand in Tbilisi is particularly black and surprisingly warm! If you have time, you can also taste the wine from Kakheti and see the beautiful countryside.

Day 10

If you are looking for a short Georgian trip from Dubai, you should plan your itinerary around the city of Tbilisi. A day trip to Kazbegi or Kakheti can be a great idea if you have time, but two weeks is plenty of time to explore the country and experience Georgian culture. Spend your time in Tbilisi getting to know the city’s highlights and history, or you can visit the nearby Kazbegi region and try the local wine. While you’re there, hike up the mountain to Trinity Church early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

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