Heavy-Duty Backhoe Loaders for Construction and Mining: CASE & Manitou

Do you know backhoe loaders are responsible for 80% of duties across construction, agriculture and mining sites? Those who are in the infra business know how indispensable backhoe loaders are. They are so helpful for construction, performing minor demolitions, carrying building materials, digging holes, landscaping, and so much more.

Here we are detailing the top two backhoe loaders from CASE and Manitou that are best-in-segment with reasonable performance.

Top 2 Heavy Construction Equipment by CASE & Mantou

1. CASE 770 FX

CASE 770 FX is the best-in-segment backhoe loader in India. This CASE price is between Rs. 33 and 38 Lakh. This heavy-duty equipment has an operating weight of 7600 Kg, which is suitable for dealing with heavy loads easily.

Moreover, this one has a strong 3515 Kg lifting capacity to accommodate a variety of medium to heavy loads. Its ability to reach up to a height of 760 mm allows it to operate with great mobility and zero obstruction. In addition, it has 1 cum bucket that allows you to carry multiple loads in great quantities across construction sites.

2. Manitou 860SX

Manitou 860SX is another promising Backhoe Loader in India. This one is offered for a price range between ₹ 22 – 24 Lakh. Moreover, it has a robust operating weight of 8000 Kg and a 2000 Kg lifting capacity, which is suitable for lifting & carrying heavy loads while maintaining stability.

All-inclusive, this vehicle, with good ground clearance, a strong hydraulic system and a compact turning radius, is a suitable choice across construction & mining sites.

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