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Shopping at Home and Garden in Dubai

There are a variety of options for shopping at home and garden in Dubai, including leading furniture and interior design stores. You can also find garden centers and outdoor furniture stores. The entire area is filled with many attractions. If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor living space, Dubai has everything you’re looking for. Just be sure to plan some time to visit Dubai’s Miracle Garden. You can also find many private gardens within the city.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden located in the district of Dubailand. It was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and has been a huge success ever since. The garden covers 72,000 square metres and features more than 250 million plants and 50 million flowers. Visitors to the Dubai Miracle Garden will be amazed at the variety of colours and types of flowers. For the most part, the gardens are free to enter, although you do need to pre-book your tickets.

Despite its name, Dubai Miracle Garden is a true oasis in the desert. It was created to address the negative image of Dubai around the world. The park is an incredible recreational area and is a botanical tour de force. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, here are some interesting facts about the garden:

Dubai’s Town Square

The home and garden in Dubai’s Town Square is the ultimate combination of modern living and outdoor pleasure. This prime location is a must-visit for those looking to live in the center of the city, and is also an excellent investment opportunity. The high-end residential properties located within the development are filled with luxury and have the highest specifications. Moreover, the community parks and well-pruned palm trees create an atmosphere of unadulterated bliss.

The homes in the area are characterized by clean modern architecture and an excellent amount of space for a family. These homes have the flexibility to be upgraded as per the requirements of the owner. Most units in Town Square have private gardens, and their prices range from AED 85,000 to Dh90,000.

Dubai’s Town Square offers private gardens

The prestigious development of Town Square Dubai is home to several luxurious apartments with private gardens. The apartments are all spacious, surrounded by green parks and boast high-speed fibre optic data. The development also features 16 community gardens and a network of walking, cycling and running trails. With such a diverse range of amenities, it’s easy to see why this community is set to become Dubai’s newest hotspot.

The townhouses are designed with modern architecture, spacious indoors and outdoor spaces, and are perfect for raising a family. The apartments include a private garden and are about twenty-two minutes’ drive from Downtown Dubai. Prices for these apartments are reasonably affordable, ranging from AED one million to AED two million. Those looking to rent a private garden in Dubai may want to consider the one-bedroom units available for as low as Dh80,000.

Private gardens are popular in Dubai

Many people in Dubai want to live in homes with private gardens. These types of properties can be particularly enjoyable in the cooler months before summer, but they can be just as enjoyable during the warmer months. Fortunately, the costs of renting such homes in Dubai have come down dramatically over the past few years. A villa with a large landscaped garden in Dubai could easily cost over Dh100,000 a year. However, now that the price of rents has dropped, these properties are more affordable than ever.

In 2013, Dubai won the Guinness World Record for the largest natural flower garden in the world. The garden is more than 780,000 sq ft and contains 45 million plants. The garden uses a drip irrigation system to water the plants. It also claims to use less water than traditional spray irrigation. The garden is also a popular spot for families and children. The gardens are a good place for outdoor activities and provide a serene atmosphere.

La Veranda Home and Garden

La Veranda Home and Garden is a Canadian Landscape company that caters to the middle-to-upper end of the purchaser showcase. Their services range from a complete home makeover to landscaping, patio design and lighting. There are many different locations that offer the same amenities and services. You can find them in Shk. Zayed Road, Exit 40. They can also be found along Service Road. If you need more information, you can visit their website or read reviews left by previous clients.

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