How Honeywell Thermostat dial is the key to save Electricity

It is a temperature controlling electronic device which controls the temperature of the room or any other closed area to a desired temperature.

The working principle of it depends on which kind of sensors they are using. Mechanical device uses a bimetallic strip which contracts on cooling and expands on heating. Gas-filled bellows device uses a pair of metal discs with gas-filled bellows in between.

When a room warms up, the gas temperature rises which increases the pressure on the discs and switches off the electricity. When a room gets cold, the gas temperature lowers down, the gas temperature lowers which in turn contracts and moves away the discs from the switch thus increasing the flow of electricity. Electronic devices will sense the temperature, such as with a thermistor or thermocouple, and return the signal to the heating, aeration or HVAC system.

How to use thermoset

Honeywell thermostat dial has many different buttons and sometimes it can be confusing on how to set a thermoset. The fan button has an on option, off option or an auto one. The on option circulates the air in the room without heating or cooling the room. The auto option engages the fan only when the thermoset is already on heating or cooling option. The next button to discuss is Set the air conditioner or Set the heat button.  This set button consists of arrows shaped buttons on which we can increase the temperature by pressing the up arrows and decreasing by pressing the down arrow.


There are four types of thermosets, i.e. programmable, non-programmable, Wi-Fi and Smart.

A programmable Thermosets can be set up by setting for a desired day and time. If you are away from home and you want your room to be cold or hot at a desired temperature when you come back, you can pre-set the programmable Thermosets.

A non-programmable thermoset is the most basic of all the four types of Thermosets. Simply you can manually adjust the temperature to your desired requirement.

A Wi-Fi connects to the Wi-Fi and then you can control the thermosets using your Smartphone or tablet via an application. A Smart Thermosets uses your living habits and daily temperature data and then sets automatically according to your living preference and temperature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The most important aspect of using a thermosets is that it saves energy and dollars. Sometimes a heater device or air condition heats or cools more than the desired range and thus it costs us extra money. The thermosets save energy by controlling the temperature of the room. Another advantage is that it increases the overall efficiency of the home and its appliances. Wi-Fi thermoset has an additional advantage that it allows you to control the temperature without getting from bed or couch via a smartphone.

Disadvantages depend on the type of Thermoset. For example, a programmable Thermosets requires you to pay upfront costs compared to other thermosets. Smart Thermoset has the disadvantage of using complex programming and functionalities which can be difficult to understand and learn. Non-programmable Thermoset is the most basic of all and can’t be programmed or set to automation. You have to set the Non-programmable manually each time to your required range.


Honeywell thermostat dial is temperature controlling room devices which save energy and money. They work according to the types of sensors used in them and their functionality whether they are smart, programmable or non-programmable. The advantages of this device exceed its disadvantages. The disadvantage is only that it is not user friendly as sometimes the different types of buttons on it can be confusing.

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