How To Get The Green Tick For Your WhatsApp Business Account?

Are you looking for WhatsApp green tick verification to promote your business worldwide? That’s a good idea. In this article, we learn how to get WhatsApp green tick verification. How this badge is helpful to growing your business.  So, Let’s start! 

As you already know Currently, WhatsApp is the most effective messaging service worldwide. Currently, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, making it one of the most popular messaging apps in messaging apps history. 

According to A Research Report, about 40% of companies are committing accounting violations and 10% are considered securities fraud with their customers. 

So people need help to trust your product or services easily.

In 2018,  WhatsApp launched the green tick feature to help the user identify the business that has been verified by WhatsApp as legitimate, which can help reduce the spread of fake news and scam on WhatsApp.

I mention Here the different types of WhatsApp accounts:-

  1. WhatsApp personal Account 
  2. WhatsApp Business Account 
  3. Official WhatsApp Business Account 

What is this WhatsApp green tick Badge or Checkmark?

In simple words, green tick verification refers to the verified account feature on WhatsApp, where a green tick mark (checkmark)  appears next to the name of a business or organization’s account, indicating that it has been confirmed as an authentic and verified account.

Benefits of WhatsApp Green Tick

Here, I have mentioned some benefits if you apply for green tick verification for your business. 

  • A green tick badge single that your brand or business is Authentic, Reputable and unique.
  • Additionally, with WhatsApp’s green tick, customers can see your brand name without saving their contact information
  • If you have a WhatsApp green check mark, your brand identity becomes authentic. Customers can easily trust your business or company when they see this badge.
  • Even the brand with a green tick appears on the user’s screen with their WhatsApp business name. No matter if they added you to their contacts, it doesn’t matter.
  • Your marketing campaign will be more effective if you become trustworthy to customers with this green badge.

Eligibility for WhatsApp green tick 

In today’s Business scenario, Owner WhatsApp accounts use the Whatsapp business App and Whatsapp API  for their  Business Purposes. Before applying for WhatsApp green tick verification, ensure you meet the criteria

The green trick applies only when a business account is verified, get him the green tick.

We need some requirements/criteria before applying WhatsApp green tick process:-

  1. To apply this green tick verification process, you must have a Whatsapp Business API Account and a Facebook business verification.
  2. Secondly, Enable 2-step Authentication.
  3. You must be in the Tier 2 level.
  4. Must be a business Account. Whatsapp cannot allow for a green tick if you have an individual account.
  5. After you have submitted your application and supporting documentation, you will need to wait for approval. WhatsApp will review your application and verify the information you have provided. This process can take some time, so be patient and wait for WhatsApp to get back to you.

Green Tick Verification and Facebook Business Manager

The Relations or interactions between the two platforms Facebook and WhatApp are intricate, and before accessing the WhatsApp API, every company must validate its Facebook Business Manager account.

In 2018, WhatsApp Business API was introduced as a replacement for WhatsApp Business accounts. Only companies using the WhatsApp Catalog API were then qualified for verification after that update. Before applying to a green tick, businesses that now use WhatsApp Business accounts must convert to the API.

How to Get a WhatsApp Green Tick 

I mention here the following steps to get  a green tick on WhatsApp:

  • Firstly, Apply for WhatsApp API access via BSP such as GetitSMS
  • You can apply for Green Tick once your WhatsApp Business API access is approved by your BSP.

No Need to Panic if Your Application is Rejected

  • A green badge will automatically display on your WhatsApp account after a few days.
  • If your application is rejected, there’s no need to Panic according to the WhatsApp policy, you have 30 days to reapply.ṣ


The green tick on WhatsApp signifies that a message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone. It is a useful feature that helps users confirm that their message has been successfully sent. 

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the green tick only indicates delivery and not necessarily that the message has been read. The second green tick, which means that the message has been read, may not appear if the recipient has turned off the read receipts feature. Understanding these features can help users better communicate on WhatsApp and ensure that their messages are being received by the intended recipient.

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