How To Grow Instagram Story Views – The Ultimate Guide

Instagram story views are in second place in relation to Instagram reels in terms of popularity. They are attractive because the content created there is made along the way, not very polished and more attractive than regular contributions. Stories can be seen to see how your friends and favorite stars are planning.

In recent years, Instagram users have paid more attention to the stories than regular contributions. It is therefore not surprising that the deterioration of stories of stories influences the general statistics of Instagram.

In this article we find useful information to grow Instagram story views.

How to get more views on stories

Here are 8 ways to exceed the hype and to receive further views for your Instagram stories:

1. Add an engagement sticker to your first story

One of the fastest ways to get more views on your story is to add a engagement sticker (such as a survey, emoji sliding controller or quiz) to the first story you share.

This promotes dedication with their stories from the start, which is the most important boost of the Instagram algorithm. The more clicks and dedication your stories get, the more Instagram will push your stories to the top of the queue and will help you to get active Instagram followers.

2. Add another story at the end of the day

This proven tip comes directly from the later community content manager Lindsay Ashcraft.

“Adding a new story between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., shortly before the rest of our stories have expired, everyone gives an extra view of the image.”

We don’t know exactly why it works so well, but trust us, it works. If you plan for hours later Instagram stories that increase the commitment, you can easily plan. The later community team also experimented with a short break to see if it influenced the views of story.

Result? Few. “We have seen nothing unusual for us,” said Lindsay. “Many people recommend it, but I couldn’t consistently replicate the results.”

3. Use location-Tags and entries

Switch and share your content by marking relevant places and accounts in your stories. You can do this using the Instagram link sticker or tap the aforementioned or location options that are displayed when typing.

If you use a tracker, your story will be made available to anyone looking for the area to find out if you are established, who want to know what is going on, or a visitor outside the city looking for Places that are looking for places can be visited during his next trip. This makes it a great way to not only increase the image, but also to strengthen brand awareness.

4. Identify interaction patterns and add interactive elements

If you want to make Instagram stories that your audience use, you have to understand what you like.

5. Add music to your stories

You can add extracts or the entire number to your stories to make them funnier. This makes your content more varied and emotional. Moreover, Facebook has announced statistics that demonstrate that people look at 80% more stories than without sound.

6. Don’t make too many stories in one day

If someone opens their story and sees about 20 episodes, they will probably skip and go to the next story. Especially if these stories have no action or idea. It’s just boring. The solution is to share a few convincing stories every day.

7. Building communication

Use your Instagram stories as an opportunity to make contact with your followers. Share your ideas, your thoughts and respond to your private messages by introducing you to stories (if you don’t care).

8. Use the good friends function on Instagram

This little known hack can really be a player when it comes to increasing the views in their Instagram stories. You may have noticed that if someone adds you to his list of good friends, you will see your stories at the top of your feed with a light green edge.

Instagram actually gives priority to content with “closing contacts”. Adding thousands of followers to your list of good friends is not a cheap tactic, but it is a great way to get important information and product tactless for important members of your community.

For brands, this can be a list of brand ambassadors, influencers and regular customers. For influencers and makers, these are perhaps the most dedicated members of the community and colleagues in the industry. If you offer a lucrative reward, people will in principle take all the steps for the deployment they have to take.

Performing competitions at regular intervals with effective reactions to news promotes involvement and increases your Instagram reproduction display.


So your Instagram story has fallen. Translated this into poor sales? Not really. Now you have a good idea of where you fail and solutions to resolve the situation. By using the tips mentioned above, you can organically enlarge your story views to grow your business.

Remember that it is better to have a high quality content strategy than to beat the Instagram algorithm. Manage it and you can sustainably increase the presence of your brand.

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