Kheerganga a perfect detailed guide

 Kheerganaga is a beautiful place that is admired by people around the world, it is considered the best place for trekking for getting rest and peace. Kheerganga trek is a moderate trek and one of the best parts of the trek is that not only the main sight is beautiful but the way to it is also very pleasant. 

In this article you will get a complete guide about the Kheer Ganga trek, Kheerganga trek starts from Kasol, after driving of 1.5 hours from kasol you will reach Barshaini from here you have to move forward towards the Kalgha village, this village is a base point for Kheerganga trek. This village has its own beauty.The distance of this trek is 13km. You will be able to cover this distance in 6 hours

Connectivity and Transport 

Volvo buses are a great option to reach Kheerganga, if you plan to from Delhi then take volvo from Kashmiri Gate. There is a stopping point named Bhuntar from where you get ahead to Kasol. You can take a bus, taki or a bike from Bhuntar to reach Kasol( take a bike if you are an adventurous person) 

Barshaini is well connected with the village road.The nearest airport from Kheerganga is Kullu airport at a distance of 36KM after reaching there . Chandigarh railway station is nearest. And from Delhi you can cover the drive to Braishani in 10 to 12 hours.

After Kasol you need to head towards Manikaran and move towards Barshaini from here you can walk or take a bus to reach Tosh. 

Weather, temperature and best time to Visit Kheerganga.

The weather in Kheerganga is unpredictable and rain use to fall any time, so it is advisable to carry a raincoat. The most favourable season to visit is summer between March to June. Temperature at this time use to be hot and pleasant, ranging from 13°C to 37°C. 

July to September months are not in favour of trekking at all. That time for sure you have to face landslides, road blockages and slippery roads. And in winter weather use to be so cold that’s why it is not recommended to visit in winters.

Parvati valley.

It is believed that at the time of lords  there was Ganga of Kheer, but when Kaliyug came lord shiva asked Lord Vishnu to convert it into  a water river. The last village in your trek will be Nakdan. This village has preserved its culture very beautifully and after crossing Nagdan village, there you can see an aggressive view of Parvati river. On the way there is a waterfall named Rudranag, near to it you will find a temple of great lord Shiva. On the way of your trek there are small cafes where you can take a tea break and start your journey again and it is advisable to do trekking with small breaks. In kheerganga trek you need not to preserve lots of water with you because after every 15-20 min there are waterfalls. 

Final destination.

Finally after reaching Kheerganga its view will make your heart happy, the deep blue sky, clouds touching mountains will be a blissful moment. Must take a hot water dip in Parvati kund you feel relaxed and have a refreshing experience. Morning at Kheerganga, was calm, quiet and picturesque. Get up early in the morning and see the Mighty Himalayas with sun rays lighting up one part and the other part still dark. The sky is use to be royal blue and small white clouds were adding a beautiful epic lustre to the scenery. The meadows around the camping site glams with a green color. It seems that we are in heaven. The scene was so serene and beautiful that you will fall in love with Kheerganga and the Himalayas. The white snow a few yards away adds another color to the scenery. You think of any color of nature and it is present in Kheerganga.

If you plan to visit Kheerganga, take care of surroundings and keep it clean. 


Distance – 13km

Hours to complete trek – 6 hours

Things to carry with you – Water, power bank, raincoat, charger, water bottle, medicines, first aid warm clothes, sport shoes, loudspeaker and cash.

Hope, this article helped you to plan a beautiful trek journey in Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh. Make sure to plan a trip in summer and enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful journey. The Kheerganga trek experience will going to stay in your memories forever.

Have a wonderful holiday. Kheerganga a perfect detailed guide

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