Know How To Incorporate And Register Business In Singapore

Singapore is one of the sought-after business destinations in Asia Pacific, where small businesses get the opportunity to grow and compete with leading brands in the industry. However, many investors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses are seeking to set up their ventures and headquarters in Singapore to target potential clients and brands to have a business engagement with them.

There are many significant reasons, why many investors and entrepreneurs are diverting toward Singapore to set up their businesses and new branches for expansion of their trades. Some of the valid reasons are low tax rates, economic stability, security for new businesses, a suitable business environment, good infrastructure, commercial facilities, easy business incorporation and registration, and lots more.

All these are valid reasons, which woo global businesses and professionals to launch their ventures in Singapore and deal with leading brands to expand their businesses and clientele.

If you are looking to set up a new business or company registration in Singapore, you should grab more details from licensed business consultants and company registration service agencies in Singapore.

Singapore Company Incorporation Requirements

Before you proceed with the company registration in Singapore, you need to know how to do company incorporation in Singapore first. Here are some key steps involved in the Singapore company incorporation process such as:

  1. Set Company Name

Start your Singapore company incorporation process by setting the name of the venture. Make sure, the company’s name looks professional and does not match the name of any other company. Also, you need to register the company’s name with ACRA authority.

  1. Company Directors and Shareholders

You should have to verify the details of the company’s numbers of shareholders and directors as well. There should be one director of the company at least and not more than 50 shareholders for the venture. It is necessary that the company’s director is a Singaporean or has valid PR (Permanent) proof to ensure their nationality. Also, the director should have completed 18 years of age.

  1. Company’s Shared Capital

It is also necessary that the company has minimum shared capital i.e. S$1 to set up the business in Singapore. It is a low requirement for all small or new businesses in Singapore that must be fulfilled by the firm.

  1. Company Secretary

Make sure, the company has appointed a professional company secretary after completing six months of the company incorporation. The secretary should be experienced enough to deal with customers and manage other business operations, administration, and other works of the business.

  1. Address Verification

You should have to verify the company’s registered address to the IRAS authority in Singapore.

Thus, above are some standard requirements of company incorporation in Singapore that one need to know before setup up the process.

Company Registration In Singapore

Once you get done with the Singapore company incorporation process, you have to apply for company registration in Singapore. You can also apply for company registration online through a standard registration website i.e. BizFile+. You can directly apply for company registration online through the same website and get the job done. But, if you are unable to make it on your own, you may get the best Singapore company registration services offered by the leading business registration service agencies in the country.

Singapore Company Registration Services

You should get the Singapore company registration services from authorized business registration firms, which have proven track records and good reputations in the industry. Hence, it is necessary to identify some valid proofs of company registration agency in advance such as license or registration number, website, reviews, legal professionals, and more. Make sure, the business registration agency has all the required things to manage your company incorporation to registration processes and documentation works to be done legally.

The authorized Singapore company registration service agencies will also provide you with affordable packages that will include all necessary steps involved in Singapore business registration procedures. Here are some key services you can get under some packages:

  • Singapore company registration Act mandates
  • Bank account opening assistance and resolutions
  • Preparing AGM Business Profile Report
  • Verification of company certificates and Address Proofs
  • 12 months company secretary,
  • GST registration and filing
  • 18 months company secretary
  • E-notice of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association of the company
  • ACRA company business profile and more…

Thus, all are above services included in the standard company registration service packages available at the best business registration service agencies in Singapore. So, you may book the desired package for company registration and get all the legal processes followed to make registration done.

So, if you are not aware of any of the above steps for Singapore company registration, you should take advantage of the best package of the registration process from agencies and make it happen in reality. You will have to pay for packages that may vary in their charges that depend on the type of services include in the package.

Apart from that, you will also get the best accounting services from leading business registration service agencies in Singapore. Under this type of service, you will get all the accounting and taxation services of your business as per the ACRA Acts or accounting rules in Singapore. The business registration agencies have experienced charted accountants in-house, who can help your business to manage the company’s all accounting and tax filing works as per ACRA rules.

Also, you can outsource accounting, taxation calculation, and filing works to the leading business registration firms in Singapore and get accurate accounting services and tax filing on time. Hence, you will get rid of the hassle of calculating business accounts and filing taxes for the same as per the rules. You may also hire charted accountants from firms to manage annual taxes, auditing, financial statements, and other business works as well.

Company Audit Services In Singapore

The company registration service agencies in Singapore do also provide other solutions for corporate businesses. For instance, if you require a company audit service to do the right audit of business as per ACRA rules, you should contact the best audit firm in Singapore, which is involved in all types of company auditing and calculation works. Some of the key auditing service types offered by the auditing service firms in Singapore are:

  • Grant Audit
  • Statuary Audit
  • MCST Audit
  • BCA Audit
  • Statutory Audit
  • Charity Audit

Thus, all are the above auditing services offered by the best audit firms in Singapore at affordable charges. The authorized audit firms will provide auditing services for all small to large-level enterprises or companies. The authorized auditing firms will provide below services during the company audit:

  • Organize and maintain financial records
  • Calculate the annual expenses of the business
  • Examination of financial statements for accuracy and authentication as per law and regulations.
  • Assesses financial operations.
  • Suggestions for managing expenses and taxes of the business.
  • Save taxes and manage financial depositions.
  • Preparing tax documentation for filing and auditing reports.

Thus, the above are some key services involved in the auditing procedure of an audit firm for managing all auditing works of the business. If you are not able to manage them standalone, you should better take the services of audit service agencies in Singapore and get things done with ease.

You should take the services of a licensed and professional auditor or an auditing firm in Singapore. Hence, you need to check all authentication proofs of a firm such as a license, website, service record, clients’ feedback, reviews, etc., to find the genuine audit firm for your auditing services.

All in all, you will get all sorts of Singapore company registration services, auditing, accounting, and other business services from leading business registration and audit firms in the country. For more details, you should explore the websites of top company registration agencies in Singapore.

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