Make My Trip Dubai Package

Make My Trip Dubai Package

Are you planning a vacation to Dubai? You can opt for a Make My Trip Dubai package and save a lot of money on airfare. But if you’re new to Dubai, here are some tips to help you enjoy the city. Before traveling to Dubai, check if you need a visa. Also, read on for information about Flamingo Transworld and Flamingo Hotels. You’ll get a lot of useful tips in this article.


If you are looking for a package for a trip to Dubai, you have come to the right place. You can customize your holiday to Dubai by choosing the activities that interest you most. In addition to the standard itinerary, you can also customize your trip by choosing additional activities, like sightseeing or shopping. In case your plan changes, you can even cancel it. The company will try to contact you to make arrangements for a refund.

MakeMyTrip is a full-service travel company that offers comprehensive travel solutions across multiple channels. Its website is designed to simplify the travel booking process by offering a variety of different travel options tailored to the needs of different customer segments. This makes it a perfect fit for both the UAE local and expat communities. MakeMyTrip’s website is free to use and offers many benefits. Besides showcasing an extensive inventory of travel options, MakeMyTrip also helps travelers plan their trip with just a few clicks.

Flamingo Transworld

Recently, Flamingo Transworld (P) Ltd organized a Summer Travel Mela in all its branches in India, where they invited people to interact and experience their customized tour packages. The Summer Travel Mela featured travel quizzes, summer discounts, and refreshments. The day was a resounding success, with thousands of new registrations and a number of prizes to be won. The company is confident that this year will be a great one for travelers.

To book your trip to Dubai, visit Flamingo Transworld. They specialize in affordable tours for individuals and groups. Flamingo offers several different types of tours, including domestic and international vegetarian holidays, as well as discounted rates. Flamingo Transworld’s 4 Days, 3-Nights, Disney Land, and Hong Kong tour packages include vegetarian meals. Founded in 1996, Flamingo is a Gujarati-based international tour operator.

Applying for a visa to Dubai

When planning a trip to the UAE, you must first apply for a visa. There are three types of visas: business, traveller, and tourist. Those who do not fall under any of these categories should apply for a tourist visa. For visitors, these visas can be a great deal of convenience. You should make sure to check all requirements before applying for the visa to avoid any hassles.

To apply for a tourist visa, you need to submit your original passport, which should not expire within six months of the time of your expected arrival in the UAE, a colored photograph, and a cover letter from your US government. The letter must contain information about the trip, the applicant, and the date of departure. The documents should also be typed. The UAE visa is valid for five years and allows you to stay for 180 days in each entry.

Travel packages offered by MakeMyTrip

When traveling to Dubai, you might want to take advantage of the travel packages that MakeMyTrip Dubai has to offer. These packages can include domestic and international flights, train and bus tickets, hotels, weekend getaways, and even camping trips! There are plenty of discounts on travel packages at MakeMyTrip Dubai, including last-minute deals and free nights. You can even save money when you book your travel through your ICICI credit or debit card.

You can also find deals online on flights and hotels. If you’d prefer to book your holiday offline, you can also use MakeMyTrip’s chat feature. There, you can talk to an expert who can help you choose the perfect travel package for you. These packages are designed to save you money, so you don’t have to worry about booking anything separately. You’ll have a better chance of getting a lower price on your flights and accommodations by booking them in advance.

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