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The Future of Furniture in Dubai

The furniture industry in Dubai needed a new entrant and the Vakil brothers filled this need. The two brothers opened their own flagship store in the Mall of Emirates in 2004 and began real estate sales to foreigners. They have been successful in the furniture business ever since. Now, the Vakils are expanding their business internationally, introducing high-end furnishings and accessories to the UAE market. Interested in the future of the furniture industry in Dubai? Read on for some great ideas. marina furniture dubai

Khurshid Vakil

Founded in 1985, Marina Home has expanded from supplying high-end luxury furniture to interior decoration in the Gulf and North Africa to expanding into the Indian subcontinent. We spoke to co-founder Khurshid Vakil about the company’s growth plans and where it started. Read on to learn more about Vakil’s latest innovations. You can also find out how Vakil’s entrepreneurial mindset has led to its success.

As a co-founder of Marina Home, Khurshid Vakil ensures that the company’s culture is present in the community. As a thought leader in the industry, he participates in business forums and speaks at international business events. An avid sportsman, he has completed several marathons worldwide. His lifestyle has led to his company being recognized as a leading global brand. Despite the slowing economy, Khurshid Vakil hopes for a resurgence in sales at the end of the year.

Evolution of brand

The evolution of the Marina Home furniture brand can be traced back to its humble beginnings in Dubai. In the early ’90s, Marina pioneered the warehouse-showroom concept, which has become a defining landmark of the city. The brand has continued to stay relevant and evolving throughout the years, blending both the urban and the exotic into one brand. Throughout this process, Marina has managed to stay afloat and remain relevant in the world of furniture.

The company, founded in 1993 by three visionary brothers, is now spread across 13 countries and five active franchises. Today, Marina Home operates more than twenty stores across 13 cities in seven countries and has multiple showrooms in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. With its wide array of home furnishings, Marina Home has become a global player, and is one of the largest home furniture brands, specializing in quality and design.

Future plans

The expansion of the Marina Home Interiors retail chain into the western markets is the next step in the company’s plan to bring its unique style to the UAE. Founded in 1997, the company now operates large format stores in most markets in the Middle East, North Africa, and India. Founder Khurshid Vakil, who was born in India, also holds a degree in architecture and has lived in Switzerland, Spain, and Dubai. He understands the influences of different cultures and is a driving force behind the company’s expansion strategy.

The company’s recent opening in the national capital signals the company’s intention to expand. The company has invested over Rs 100 crore in various activities and plans to spend another hundred crore this year. It plans to open four large company-owned stores in major metros, as well as medium-sized boutique stores in smaller cities through the franchise route. It has also begun negotiating with major builders in the region in an effort to expand its presence in the US and Canada.


If you are looking for the best quality furniture at affordable prices, then Marina is the right place to shop. With over 20 countries represented in its product range, you are sure to find exactly what you need. From classic designs to contemporary styles, the range at Marina offers a wide variety of options to suit your taste. It is renowned for its quality and timely delivery. You can shop for modern, rustic or antique furniture from this upscale Dubai store.

Located in the heart of the city, the company offers quality furniture at competitive prices. The Vakil brothers own a flagship store at the mall of Emirates. Since opening in 2004, they have continued to grow the business, with turnover increasing every year by 20 percent. The brothers’ success is attributed less to their foresight than to their ability to meet demand. They spotted a gap in the market for inspiring furniture, and set about solving this problem.


For more than 20 years, the Marina Home interiors chain has been creating upscale home furnishings for the UAE and other international markets. Its flagship stores are anchored in Dubai, with branches in North Africa, the GCC, and India. The company’s founder, Khurshid Vakil, has been an international citizen, born in India but now living in Switzerland, Spain, and Dubai. As a result, Vakil understands the impact of cross-cultural influences and is dedicated to evolving and embracing new trends in the furniture market.

The concept of the showroom-warehouse was first developed by Marina Home Interiors in 1998 and has since grown into a global company with multiple locations in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. The company has stayed relevant and has reinvented itself into a contemporary personality, blending Exotic, Urban, and regional aesthetics. Marina Home’s distinctive brand image translates into a distinctive, unique product that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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