mesothelioma attorney houston

Mesothelioma Attorney Houston

When looking for a mesothelioma attorney Houston, you want someone who understands your condition. Gary DiMuzio and Rod De Llano are two highly experienced Houston mesothelioma attorneys. Each has been selected for their expertise and experience in helping people who have suffered from this disease. Read on to learn more about the law firm and these Houston mesothelioma lawyers.

Rod De Llano

Rod De Llano, mesosma attorney in Houston, Texas, is a veteran lawyer who has been practicing for more than 20 years. He has a thorough knowledge of this field, which includes asbestos cases. His personal interests include helping the less fortunate. He is actively involved in several civic and charitable organizations, including the Houston Food Bank, the Star of Hope, and DePelchin’s Children’s Center.

Asbestos exposure is a major factor in the development of mesothelioma. Asbestos has been linked to this deadly disease for several decades. Although asbestos has been proven to cause this cancer, the disease is caused by other forms of asbestos exposure. When mesothelioma cells divide out of control, they invade nearby tissues and organs. Your mesothelioma attorney in Houston will investigate your case and help you determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation.

Gary DiMuzio

In his 25 years as a mesothelioma attorney, Gary DiMuzio has focused on helping asbestos victims pursue justice. He has successfully handled cases involving asbestos, silicosis, and plant explosions. Additionally, Gary has a strong understanding of the science behind asbestos exposure. As a result, he works with clients to seek justice for their medical bills and losses.

Gary DiMuzio, mesotensilloma attorney in Houston, has over 25 years of litigation experience. He has served as of counsel at a Virginia law firm and managed his own Texas-based firm. He has represented plaintiffs in cases related to silicosis, plant explosions, and asbestos exposure. In fact, he served as the lead trial attorney in one of the first mesothelioma cases in Louisiana after COVID-19. In this case, DiMuzio successfully litigated for ten million dollars for Henry Pete, who contracted mesothelioma after unloading raw asbestos from a dock in New Orleans in the late 1960s.

Pericardial mesothelioma

A physician’s diagnosis of pericardial mesotheliomoma involves an overall assessment of symptoms, a thorough medical history, a physical examination, and imaging tests. A biopsy is often performed to confirm the diagnosis, determine where the cancer has spread, and get an idea of the size of the tumor. Another test, known as an echocardiogram, utilizes sound waves to evaluate the heart’s functions and size.

While the incidence of primary pericardial mesotheliomas is very low – 0.00222% – they account for approximately two to three percent of all pericardial tumors. In spite of their low incidence rate, they can be difficult to diagnose. Because the disease is so rare, a variety of treatment options are available, ranging from surgery to radiation therapy.

Treatment for pericardial mesotheliom is limited by the delicate heart, which is often damaged during cancer treatment. Early diagnosis allows for surgical removal of small tumors and use of chemotherapy drugs. Radiation therapy, however, is minimally effective and poses a high risk of damaging the heart. Patients must be evaluated by a doctor before undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Listed below are some of the most common options for treatment of pericardial mesothelioma.

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