Office Chairs Dubai

Office Chairs Dubai

If you want to find the perfect office chairs in Dubai, look no further. Office Interior has a selection of various types of office chairs dubai, including ergonomic, leather, and managerial chairs. You can also find office chairs for meeting rooms, operator chairs, visitor chairs, and leisure chairs. In addition to office chairs, Office Interior has dining room chairs, kitchen stools, and leisure chairs. So, whether you need a new chair for the dining room or just want to give your employees the right seat, Office Interior has got you covered.


The new Aveza office chair from China-based office furniture maker Sunon offers a wide variety of customizable features, including a 10 degree swivel. The patented design features a V-shape back that allows for easy rotation and control, and an adjustable headrest. It’s also versatile, with features such as a headrest cushion that lets you adjust the height of the headrest and tilt the seat up to 20 degrees.

Developed by cutting-edge German design studio FORM AND BRANCH, the AVEZA office chair UAE is a reversible ergonomic chair that swings with you, keeping you balanced and freeing your body from a sedentary work style. With 360 joints and 700 muscles, this chair is ideal for diverse work environments, as it offers multiple positions and enables you to adjust the angle of the backrest according to your body’s contour.

The design of the chair takes inspiration from the classic gestures of yoga, and is made to be comfortable and ergonomically pleasing to sit in. The back-supporting beam and foam lumbar support protect your back and provide a safe and supportive seating experience. Available in various colors, the chair is ideal for the staff workstation, negotiation room, or meeting room. A reclining backrest makes it comfortable for all users, and the armrests are fully adjustable.


MONO office chairs are simple yet sophisticated task chairs designed for comfort and ergonomics. Assembled in the classic European style, MONO by Patra combines simplicity with a modern aesthetic. Made from high-quality materials, the chair is durable and looks great in any office. Moreover, the minimalistic colors of this chair are easy to combine with other office furnishings for a varying effect. As an additional benefit, these chairs are great for indoor and outdoor usage.

Monetary savings are just another advantage of buying MONO office chairs in Dubai. The office furniture company is known for its affordable prices. The price range is reasonable and you can even get the most unusual design. The company also provides customized service and installation. A MONO office chair is a great investment, ensuring the comfort of its employees and customers. For further information, visit the official website. To order a MONO office chair in Dubai, contact the showroom nearest to you.

AVEZA by Patra

If you’re looking for an ergonomic office chair, you’ll find it with Patra’s MONO. Its minimalist aesthetic and ergonomic design is pleasing to the eye. This chair is built with top-quality materials that guarantee long wear and durability. The attractive appearance of Patra chairs boosts worker morale and workflow, and the top-quality construction guarantees proper ergonomic balance. Even the smallest adjustments can make a significant difference in the way you work.

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