Pocket Friendly Desert Safari Rides In Dubai

5 Pocket Friendly Desert Safari Rides In Dubai

5 Pocket Friendly Desert Safari Rides In Dubai

There are many ways to spend your Dubai holidays, but how do you choose the best options? Let’s look at 5 pocket-friendly desert safari rides in Dubai to find out which ones are best for your budget. They are sustainable, customizable, and safe. And they’re fun! Let’s start with the most popular options:


There are several ways to find cheap but exciting desert safari rides in Dubai. A simple day-trip can be as low as $20, and can include a desert barbecue and camel rides. For a more luxurious experience, you can spend up to $335 for a private desert safari. There are also several types of rides to choose from, including a hot air balloon safari or luxury adventure. Listed below are some of the most popular and affordable desert safari rides in Dubai.

Before hopping into a vehicle, you should know how to drive one. While you’re driving, your guide will likely play Arabic music. Before you start, you can also stop at a service station to top off the tires. Stopping at small souvenir shops is also a great way to pick up souvenirs. A popular souvenir is the Arabic headscarf called “Ghutrah” – a traditional head scarf designed to protect the wearer from the scorching desert heat.


Do you want to try safe desert safari rides in Dubai? Do not worry – they’re perfectly safe! The best way to ensure your safety is to follow these basic guidelines: dig a hole about 2 feet deep, use dry wood or charcoal to light the fire, and stay away from flying ashes. You can also ask your tour guide for help as they know the weather conditions in the area. There are plenty of exciting activities you can do on a desert safari, but if you’re unsure, consult your guide first.

Before embarking on a desert safari, you must wear sports shoes and not eat anything for about two hours. Make sure to avoid dune bashing if you’re pregnant or have heart problems. It’s also a good idea to avoid this activity if you’re traveling with children or have a medical condition. Also, remember to bring along some water. There are a lot of other things you’ll want to carry on your safari.


Whether you are planning a family vacation to Dubai or a romantic getaway with your partner, there are several sustainable options available. One way to ensure your company is embracing sustainable tourism practices is to have solar-powered vehicles. Also, the use of eco-lodges is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint of the ride. Another way to be environmentally responsible is to offer multilingual services, such as tour guides, hotel staff, and signage in many languages.

The first option is a sustainable desert safari. Most companies in the area have been operating without regard to environmental impact for the past few years. This practice ruins the flora and fauna of the UAE. One tour operator, Platinum Heritage, is trying to change this practice by offering tours that do not involve dune bashing. In addition to focusing on sustainability, they’ve taken the time to study the negative effects of dune bashing and have a dedicated conservationist to educate guests on the benefits of sustainable tourism.


If you want to experience the sand dunes at sunset, the perfect way to do it is on a customized desert safari in Dubai. This activity will take you deep into the desert and include viewing wildlife like Arabian Oryx, desert monitors, and free-roaming gazelles. You will also learn about the desert’s history, and you will even get to see a rare species of wildcat called the Gordon’s wildcat.

There are a few ways to customize your desert safari experience in Dubai. You can choose a private tour, or opt for a quad biking tour. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to eat well before you leave. Remember to pack plenty of snacks to munch on, too! Depending on the amount of time you have, you can choose from several different tours. A full day safari typically starts around 8am and ends around 4 pm. You can plan activities ahead of time, and you can even get henna painted on your hands and feet!

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