How to Remove Someone As A Best Friend on Snapchat?

If you use snapchat regularly then you will find that snapchat selects features of best friends for you with the users with whom you interact the most, which means you send them snaps often, send them texts, etc. This feature of best friends is account specific and it does not mean that if you are someone’s best friend they will be yours as well. If you wish to know how to remove someone as a best friend on snapchat then you will find the ways and steps for the same in this blog, so without spending any time ideally let us get started. 

Methods to Remove Someone As A Best Friend on Snapchat – 

1. Replace the person as your best friend 

The first way for you is to replace them, snapchat will on its own remove someone as your best friend if you will stop sending snaps or messages to them, in simple words if you cut off your interaction with that person for how to clear bestfriends on snapchat

Along with this, you should try to start interacting with other people more, as this will present higher chances of replacing that person as a best friend from your friends list. 

2. Deleting someone as your friend 

The answer to how to remove snapchat best friends without blocking is to simply delete them or remove them as your best friends, because when you delete your friend, they will be also removed as your best friend. 

To do this, you should first go to their profile, after which you should click on the option of managing friendships and then finally tap on the remove friend button.

This process is the easiest one, as in this you will not need to wait for snapchat to remove the best friend status but you can do it on your own immediately. 

3. Change the emoji of best friends on your account 

If you do not want other people to see who is your best friend then we have a solution for you in which you can simply change the emoji of best friends and since the emoji is changed no one except you will be able to find out who your best friends are. 

You can replace the heart emoji with any emoji you want like a bear or anything you can remember that this is the new emoji for your best friends. 

4. Changing the number of best friends you have on your account 

For how to clear best friends on snapchat you can also change the number of your best friends by first going to settings and then to manage following which you should click on number of best friends option and set it as you want. 

We hope that the ways which we offered you to get rid of someone as you best friends was helpful for you; however, if you still feel that you want to find out or learn about more ways, then we have a perfect place for you which is to access website Allinsider

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