Russia tour package from Dubai

What to Expect on a Russia Tour Package From Dubai

A russia tour package from Dubai will include many different benefits, including accommodations and most meals, services of a dedicated tour director, and VIP access to famous landmarks. You’ll also get skip the line access and a personal local guide, making your trip truly unforgettable. If you’re interested in learning more about the Russian culture, read on to learn more about what you can expect. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to book your next trip to Russia.

Russian culture

The most popular Russian culture tour packages from Dubai cover the entire country. You can choose to see the historic monuments, enjoy the museums and tour the country’s diverse cultural heritage, or combine several different tours. Regardless of the reason, a Russian culture tour package from Dubai is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Here are some tips for packing your suitcase. While packing for summer, be sure to bring comfortable clothing. You should pack light jackets and sweaters, as well as comfortable walking shoes. Also, don’t forget to pack an umbrella or raincoat for rainy days. In winter, you should pack heavy woollen clothes, as temperatures can drop below zero degrees. You should also pack a shawl, as women may need to cover up to enter Orthodox churches.

While traveling in Russia, you should keep in mind that the currency is the Rouble and the Ruble. For example, one Indian rupee is equivalent to 0.93 Ruble. Although the typical Russian diet consists largely of meat, flour, potatoes, and root vegetables, many establishments offer vegetarian cuisine. Even the grocery stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg feature meat-free options. As the Russian currency is close to the Indian rupee, you’ll be able to save on your expenses.


The Moscow Kremlin tour package includes two of the three traditional cathedrals in the city. It also includes travel from Moscow to Dubai. Guests will have the opportunity to see the tsar’s coronation in Cathedral Square, and two of the three traditional cathedrals. The Kremlin Armory houses a large collection of art from across Europe, including Faberge eggs and royal vestments.

The Kremlin is the historic and symbolic center of Russia. A Kremlin tour package from Dubai will allow you to visit the Red Square, Russia’s most famous square, and see Lenin’s Mausoleum, the city’s most prominent landmark. While exploring the Kremlin and the city’s other attractions, you can also experience Moscow’s unique culture by taking a walking tour of the city’s famous Arbat Street. You may even catch a street performance or two! There’s a Moscow youth vibe in this area, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Lake Baikal

If you are interested in experiencing a different type of vacation in Russia, consider taking a Russia tour package from Dubai to Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is a freshwater lake that is the largest in the world, with 20 percent of the world’s fresh water. Enjoy activities like kayaking, boat cruises, island hopping, and skiing. Even in winter, this lake freezes over, and you can even cross-country ski on frozen sections of the lake and explore the frozen caves.

A train ride across the vast country will make you appreciate the diversity and size of this beautiful place. You will have the chance to see the sights of Russian cities and marvel at the deepest lake in the world. The ride will last you a few days, but you will never forget this memorable experience. If you are looking for a Russia tour package from Dubai to Lake Baikal, consider the following itinerary:


With an Armory of Russia tour package from Dubai, you can see the opulent displays of Russian artifacts and learn about the country’s history. Your tour package includes accommodations, transportation, and some sightseeing. Afterward, you can enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. The tour ends when you return to your hotel in the city. It’s the perfect opportunity to book extra tours or just relax from the long flight.

An Armory of Russia tour package from Dubai offers the opportunity to visit this world heritage site. On your tour, you’ll visit a variety of heritage sites, and you’ll have the chance to try the local cuisine and street markets. You’ll also enjoy the sights and sounds of the country, including the Bolshoi Theater and Mariinsky Theater. While you’re in the country, make sure to experience the cosmopolitan city of Moscow and its diverse attractions.


A Moscow tour package from Dubai will provide you with the chance to visit the most popular sights in this magnificent Russian city. This trip offers you the opportunity to experience the rich culture and tradition of the Russian capital. In this tour, you will learn about the history of the city, the importance of the city’s Metro, and its various attractions. You’ll also see two of the three traditional cathedrals in Moscow. You’ll also get a chance to buy souvenirs from local markets.

The summers in Moscow are warm and pleasant, with occasional downpours. Wear lightweight cotton clothing and enjoy sightseeing around Red Square and St. Basil Cathedral. In the winter, you’ll find an ice rink and the museum where Boris Pasternak lived. You’ll leave Moscow with an enduring memory of this fascinating city. A Moscow tour package from Dubai includes all of the above and more. You’ll also get to experience New Year’s Eve festivities in this wonderful city.


If you’re looking to visit two famous cities in Russia and enjoy both history and nature at the same time, you can combine them with a tour package from Dubai. You can experience the city’s famous canals, boardwalk along the Moskva River, and cultural performances, among many other things. On your Russia tour package from Dubai, you’ll be able to spend several nights in a four-star hotel.

You can visit the world’s deepest lake, experience the revived churches, and enjoy the 19th-century architecture of this city. You can also sample the cuisine of the locals in a classy eatery. Kazan is another place to get an elated impression. You’ll enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Kazan, as well as a glimpse into the traditional Tatarstan culture.

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