Screen mirroring not working: How to fix it?

Did you get stuck in the screen mirroring issue when you are trying to display the screen of your mobile device on a larger screen? Well, you should not worry because we have bought this blog to help you in resolving the error of the screen mirror not working. 

Why is screen mirroring not operating for the users?

It is important to find the cause of the problem first so that you can get the best solution for it, this is why we are first going to look at some possible factors because of which you are dealing with the problem of screen mirroring not working.

There could be various reasons because of which you are facing this problem such as your internet connection might not be stable and is not working in a stable manner. 

If your TV does not support the feature of screen mirroring then you would not be able to do as the screen mirroring feature is not allowed for you. 

Another reason why this error could occur is because the mobile device you are using might not be compatible with the TV you are using. 

Ways to fix the screen mirroring error for the users 

When you are aware of the reasons which could cause this trouble for you, let us get started to know about the possible ways which could help you in fixing them.

Enable the feature of screen mirroring on your device

If you will not turn on the feature then it is obvious that you would not be able to use it, so for this you should first swipe down from the screen of your phone and open the control centre under which tap on screen mirroring option. 

Following this you should select the device you want to mirror your phone screen and that’s it after doing it you will be able to enjoy the content on the big screen of your TV. 

Check if device is compatible with your TV or not 

As mentioned above, if your TV isn’t compatible with your mobile device, you would not be able to use the screen mirroring feature and would have a problem of screen mirroring not working Samsung TV or on some other tv. 

So, make sure you check the compatibility before you try to mirror the screen. 

Restarting both the devices you are operating 

If you encounter the problem of screen mirroring on your device then you should not waste time and should immediately restart both the devices you are accessing, which means you should restart your mobile phone you are using as well as your TV you are using. 

After restarting the device you should try to access the screen mirroring feature once again and if you are still not able to access it then you should check if the network connection you are using on your device is working efficiently or not. 

We hope that the ways for fixing screen mirroring error we offered here were useful for you, however to find out more such ways you can make use of the website

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