The history of coffee


The name of the coffee


The name of the coffee comes from the Arabic name “kahwa” then turned into the Turkish name “kahve” then it turned to the Dutch name “koffie” its turned to “coffee” like today. So, coffee had a long history with its 

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The first use of coffee

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the first: there is a Yemeni man called abo Elhassan Aly when he traveled to Ethiopia, he observes that birds become more active when they eat the coffee beans.

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the second: the godson of Elhassan Aly called Omar was hungry, so he tried to eat the coffee beans, but he found it bitter. Try roasting coffee beans to improve the flavor, but the coffee beans became solid and then tried to boil the coffee beans to soften the coffee, resulting from a brown liquid with a fragrant scent. When he drank the coffee, he felt actively lasted for several days.

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The third: related to cardy the 9th-century Ethiopian goat herder he observes active on his herd when he throw them with the coffee beans he ate the coffee beans and it turned him to joy


the history of coffee

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