The Namesake Salwa Zeidan Gallery

The Namesake Salwa Zedidan Gallery

The Namesake Salwa Zedidan Gallery features a range of works from a wide variety of artists. Each artwork carries a minimalist sensibility and vision. Salwa Zeidan, the gallery’s founder, personally reviews and selects each artwork to ensure that it has an emotional artistic touch. This attention to detail is reflected in the gallery’s art selections.


The Namesake Salwa Zedian Gallery is a place where you can see the work of great artists from all over the world. The works of Salwa Zeidan are displayed in art museums and galleries around the world. She is an internationally renowned painter and sculptor. She also runs a contemporary art gallery that is open to the public. The gallery is open to the public from Sunday to Wednesday, 10am – 10pm. Saturdays are closed, so make sure to schedule an appointment to see it.


The Salwa Zeidan Gallery is an international art exhibition space that promotes a wide variety of art mediums. The artwork displayed carries Salwa Zeidan’s minimalist sensibility and vision. Salwa personally reviews and selects each piece, ensuring the works have a personal touch. Each work varies in style and subject matter, but all pieces possess Salwa’s signature vision and aesthetic sense.


The Namesake Salwa ZeIdan Gallery exhibits works by a diverse group of artists. Most of the pieces exhibit a minimal aesthetic sensibility and vision. Salwa ZeIdan personally reviews and selects each piece for the gallery. She also works with the artists, so that each piece possesses a personal touch and emotional impact. Visit the gallery on a weekend to see a collection of works by internationally renowned artists.


The Namesake Salwa Zedian Gallery focuses on a diverse array of art forms. The paintings are highly abstract and feature an aesthetic sensibility derived from the artist’s own spiritual nature. Each piece has been chosen and personally curated by Salwa, the gallery’s curator. This ensures that every work has a personal, emotional touch.

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The collections at The Namesake Salwa Zaid Gallery are a diverse blend of works by local and international artists. You’ll find works of mixed media, paintings, and sculptures by Salwa Zeidan and more. The gallery is open Sunday to Wednesday, 10am to 10pm, and Thursday to Saturday, 10am to midnight. Fridays are by appointment only.

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The Namesake Salwa Zein Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Abu Dhabi that features the works of established and emerging artists. Salwa Zeidan is a self-taught artist who has spent her life studying and exploring art. She has exhibited her works in renowned art studios around the world and has a keen eye for identifying works that express her personality.

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