Tourist Engagement in Dubai

How To Boost Tourist Engagement in Dubai? Best Guide

How to Boost Tourist Engagement in Dubai

How To Boost Tourist Engagement in Dubai Best Guide

Interested in learning how to boost tourist engagement in Dubai? Start with a tourism marketing guide that includes tried and tested ideas. There are many factors to consider when building a tourism marketing strategy, but these tips will help you increase your traffic and keep your guests coming back. This guide also explains the importance of COVID-19, DTCM, and dressing modestly in Dubai. It also helps you determine the best places to visit in Dubai and how to promote them.


DTCM has been making efforts to increase tourism ever since announcing their strategy to attract new types of tourists. These include families on holiday, sporting fans of major international events, and business travellers. It has also been expanding its tourist offerings to appeal to children, such as the IMG Worlds of Adventure, an indoor theme park linked to Marvel properties. But the most important strategy has been to encourage a return of tourists from India and China.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) oversees the development plans and partnerships for the tourism industry. Its focus is on hotels and restaurants, as well as meetings, incentives, travel services, and destination tourism. However, it has far broader responsibilities. Here are some of the ways that DTCM can help you increase tourism in Dubai:


The COVID-19 pandemic has ground the tourism industry in the region. Despite this, COVID-19 has been a focus of economic development and investment in recent years. Since Jan. 1, the UAE government has announced 25 funding announcements worth $4.3 billion to support the sector. These announcements represent 10 programs worth $96 million, three grants of $60,000, and ten tenders worth $780,000.

Virtual tourism campaign

Creating a virtual tourism campaign does not have to be an expensive undertaking. The trick is to understand the features that best position your virtual tour and its attractions. It is crucial to identify what the most popular features of your attraction are so that you can optimize your experience and maximize visitor satisfaction. In some cases, it may be as simple as creating a teaser for potential customers to preview the virtual tour. In other cases, it may involve implementing the use of social media tools to promote the experience.

The virtual tour method also helps to increase the number of visitors to a destination. It enables visitors to experience 360-degrees of a location, allowing them to see all aspects of the attraction. Using virtual tourism, a hotel can make a strong impression on tourists, and can attract more business. The process also helps in reducing the impact of tourism on a vulnerable destination. Virtual tourism has many advantages, and CVBs have been using it for years.

Dressing modestly in Dubai

While Dubai is a cosmopolitan destination, it’s important to dress modestly, especially when visiting its souks and markets. Avoid wearing skimpy tops or pants, and make sure you cover your shoulders. If you plan to visit mosques, cover up your shoulders and wear a headscarf. This will not only make you appear more respectable, but will also help you avoid being stared at.

Dressing modestly is particularly important in public places like shopping malls, subways, souks, markets, restaurants, cafes, and festivals. Men should wear long pants, while women should avoid revealing too much leg. Maxi length skirts and shirts are good choices. But whatever you choose, never wear revealing clothing. And don’t wear shorts. You don’t have to wear a skirt or a tank top.

Avoiding drugs while in Dubai

Avoiding drugs while in Dubai is a top priority for any visitor. Though the Emirati government has been strict about drug-related crimes, this has not stopped travellers from experimenting with drugs. While there are strict penalties for drug use, possession of small quantities is not considered a serious crime. In most cases, drug possession is punishable by imprisonment or even deportation. This means that visitors should avoid drugs while in Dubai and enjoy the benefits of this booming city.

Although you may have heard about the strict drug policy in Dubai, the law is still very strict. It is illegal to import or possess illegal drugs or prescription medicines, and violators can face jail terms of up to four years. You should also avoid bringing any goods from countries that are boycotted, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, or China. Purchasing goods from these countries will land you in trouble.

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