Why are Inflatable Tents and Gazebos Important for Camping?

New Zealand or Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) as the indigenous Maori people call it, is truly blessed by Mother Nature. From breathtaking glaciers, precipitous mountains, expansive fluorescent green meadows filled with fluffy white sheep, undulating hillsides, serene fiords surrounded by dramatic cliffs, plateaus formed through volcanic activity, kilometres of beautiful sandy coastline, sub-tropical forests where the iconic Kiwi bird roams, New Zealand has it all! Given the many charms of this small island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is no wonder that people come from far and wide to experience and enjoy the great outdoors there, and one of the best ways to do just that is by hiking the many trails and camping at the various campsites strewn throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Now, in order to be properly prepared to enjoy the various natural treasures of New Zealand, one of the most important equipment one should invest in are inflatable tents and/or gazebos.

Introduction to Inflatable tents and gazebos

Inflatable Tents

Now, almost everybody is familiar with the traditional camping tent which has to be pitched or hoisted up using poles which are often made of metal such as aluminum. Not only are such tents somewhat heavy because of the poles, but a lot of people struggle with setting up such tents due to those unwieldy poles. Thankfully, these days, due to innovation in tent design, we have inflatable tents also known as air tents or air beam tents.

As the name implies, these tents come with inflatable poles that are built into the body of the tent. Thus, there is no longer any need to wrestle with tent poles or any chance of accidentally poking a hole into one’s tent while fighting with the tent poles!

Depending on the type of inflatable tent that one chooses, the tent can be inflated or blown up on its own or one has to make use of an air pump in order to inflate it. Whatever be the case, compared to traditional tents, air tents are much easier and quicker to inflate and deflate. They are also much easier to carry around because they are lighter and don’t have hard poles in them.

Also, as mentioned above, althoughinflatable tents are much lighter than traditional tents with poles, but at the same time, they are very reliable and sturdy and can withstand most adverse weather conditions that onemight encounter while camping in NZ. A lot of these tents also come with waterproof and uv-resistant fabric which helps make one’s camping experience much more comfortable.

Additionally, inflatable tents are available in various sizes and in general are very spacious further adding to campers’ comfort and adding a touch of luxury to the whole outdoor camping experience.


Gazebos in NZ are free standing structures which are open on four sides and have a roof on top. These are spacious structures, and are meant to provide shelter from the rain, snow, moderate gusts of wind and the harsh rays of the sun.

One can use a gazebo in NZ to store ones belongings while camping, or one can just sit back and relax under a gazebo, look around and enjoy nature while being protected from the elements. Also, because a gazebo is open on four sides, one can use it as a camp kitchen. The gazebo protects the food and the person in charge of cooking from the weather outside while letting the exhaust from the camp kitchen escape unhindered.

Since the primary function of a gazebo is to offer some protection to the occupant(s) from outside weather conditions, while choosing a gazebo, depending upon one’s requirements, one can decide on the size and material of the gazebo and whether they require a waterproof and/or uv-resistant gazebo.

Why invest in an inflatable tent or gazebo while camping?

One has to be well prepared when one decides to go camping in NZ. However, in this day and age with all our modern comforts, one does not really have to be a Bear Grylls in order to enjoy some quality time out in the wilderness. Getting hold of a good quality inflatable tent and/or gazebo based on one’s needs and requirements gets half the job done when it comes to packing things and getting ready for a camping trip! The following are a few reasons why one should purchase an inflatable tent or a gazebo or maybe both!

  • Keep the creepy crawlies away: Australia next door is teeming with critters that are out to get people, be it the numerous kinds of venomous snakes such as the feared Inland Taipan (the most venomous snake in the world) or the multiple kinds of venomous spiders that have the potential to kill with a bite. Thankfully, NZ is far safer. However, NZ still has its share of troublesome and sometimes deadly creatures. Be it mosquitoes or the venomous Katipo spider or the venomous redback spider, it is better to err on the side of caution and get oneself an inflatable tent for protection from unfortunate bites and stings! As an added bonus, one can enjoy the relative comfort of a tent mattress and stay away from the cold, hard, stone and twig strewn, prickly ground!
  • Keep the rain, sun, and snow out: This goes without saying! When the harsh rays of the sun are beating down hard outside, one can stay cool and insulated inside one’s very own tent. Likewise, when it is raining cats and dogs outside or if it starts to snow, one can again stay insulated and warm inside one’s tent. With a little extra money, one can also get special heating devices fitted inside one’s tent if one is camping at a particularly cold place.
  • Rugged nature outside, luxurious comfort inside: Again, one does not have to be a Bear Grylls in order to go camping in NZ. One can enjoy the rough and tumble of the great outdoors and then return to one’s luxurious tent complete with soft mattresses, heating or cooling devices, attached lights and what not! Depending on one’s budget, the sky is the limit.
  • Too many mates want to join you, no problem: Modern tents and gazebos in NZ come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are tents and gazebos on the market that can even accommodate 10 people easily. So, if one likes to go on adventures with a lot of friends and/or family members, one can invest in a large inflatable tent or gazebo so that everybody can stay together and chat away!
  • Effortless to pack and carry around: No longer does one need a car or a pick-up truck to haul around camping gear anymore, modern technology and innovation have made tents spacious, high quality and durable while being lightweight, easy to inflate, deflate, pack and carry around everywhere!

Final take

New Zealand with its immense natural beauty and mostly mild and pleasant climate is a camper’s paradise. With not many dangerous animals around, low population density (there are more sheep in NZ than humans!) and mild-mannered and inviting people, it is one of the best places in the world to go exploring nature’s bounty. To make your hiking and camping experience that much more gratifying, there are numerous types of camping gear available in the NZ market to satisfy every budget. When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors,inflatable tents or gazebos are of essential importance. This post explains what they are and why one should invest in them. Based on one’s budget and needs, one can get hold of a suitable inflatable tent or gazebo in NZ and there are a plethora of brands to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Happy Camping!

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